Monday, 23 March 2009

I'M sorry forgive me! (especially to "him")

I'm sorry to this 0ne little person
I know I hurt U
eventhough U have save my life n thing
but U don't know
how my life had suffered this whole week
I still owe U a promise!

If U think that I have hurt my feeling,
I 'm deeply sorry
U have no idea WHAT TYPE of problems that I had faced..
U never asked 4 it

I have suffred a lot
My family suffered 2

to this one person
If U hate me,
I don't blame U

hope we can still be friends
U can judge me anything n anywhere U like
I completely understand

I always pray to god that U always have a new "life" with someone U loved,
I know U're strong..
U can faced the reality..
I'l always pray 4 your sucess..
gudluck dear friend!
p/s: sorry 4 just not say "thankz 4 everything"
"I ove U one"

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