Thursday, 15 October 2009

hanging out together..


This week, we had a really great time.... :)
we have been to putrajaya riverside at pullman with my besties @ KLIUC,
ASNA,TNA and ZETTY (known as UMMI zetty)..hehehe..
after put 100% strengh during exam time (naek pecah pale gak la, hehe),
we decide to clear our mind by hanging out together (just gurlz)..
hehe, no boys around us...
the best part is, ble ktorang lepak sne, bnyk gle bride n groom kt sne, bnyk baju cantek2 kt sne, weee~
had fun sgt2..hehehee..
on that day jgak, ktorang g jambatan pulau pinang berdekatan dengan masjid besi with apex, asna, ummi zetty, tna, ziq, syuk n kecik..hehe..
ktorang lompat smpi xingt dunia langsung..hehe
Special credit 2 ziq coz ktorang shoot gne camera die.. :) (thankz again)
n to all sporting member.. kalau ley nk letak bnyk2 gmbr, tapi penat la nk tunggu die loading, hehehe

haha... sweet laugh together!

Hugs 4 U!

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